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The Future is Plastics

Some movie scripts contain unforgettable one-liners, like “Here’s looking at you, Kid” from Casablanca (1942) and “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” from The Godfather (1972). As predictions, these one-liners—though memorable—are limited contextually to the films in which they appear. … Continue reading


Helen MacDonald’s VESPER FLIGHTS

Helen MacDonald’s VESPER FLIGHTS is a treasure trove of insights, a collection of essays that never fails to delight. One example: “In Her Orbit,” focusing on MacDonald’s high-altitude trek with NATHALIE CABROL and Cabrol’s bio-geological team in the Andes Mountains. … Continue reading


Turnips? Not Pumpkins?

Our modern “Halloween” traditions have evolved over centuries from the Celtic Wheel of the Year (shown below), from whence come our major Holidays—Halloween, Christmas, Easter, even Groundhog Day. In my series “The Mags Chronicles,” Celtic holidays structure each book. And … Continue reading


Reading: Cafeteria Style

How can reading be “cafeteria style?’ Well, consider this. My novel MAGS at THE GENIUS HOUSE has a subtitle: “A Composite Novel.” In fact, all my novels have the same subtitle: “A Composite Novel.” Here’s the reason why. One big … Continue reading


We Are The Asteroid

Remember the theory? That an asteroid crashed into our planet and the global ice age that followed “extincted” the dinosaurs? Well, check out a 5-minute video entitled, “Extinction: The Facts.” It’s narrated primarily by David Attenborough, and it’s not only … Continue reading


Rest in Power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In celebrating the amazing life of RBG, it has been often commented on how unlikely it is that a woman in her 80’s became a super-star, admired by so many across gender and age and circumstance. Regarding the necessity of … Continue reading


Celebrating the Older Woman

If you haven’t already heard, MAGS at THE GENIUS HOUSE is available at Amazon in e-book format and will be available in paper on October 2nd. This is the first novel in a five-book series called “The Mags Chronicles,” and … Continue reading


Words fail me . . .

. . . which is an interesting statement, given that I define myself professionally as a writer. So yes, I flew to New York City with my friend Murphy who promised me that the Nor’easter predicted to follow Hurricane Sandy … Continue reading


So you’ve heard about the Big Ass Fan Company, right?

It’s true.  Big Ass Fans is based in Kentucky and the company’s known all over the world.  Here’s their logo: I think they call her “Fanny.” So anyway, about the mess in New York City and elsewhere, I can’t help … Continue reading


Flying to New York with my friend Murphy

Murphy of “Murphy’s Law,” that is.  In the wake of TS Sandy’s devastation, it looks like VOX 2012 will rearrange some scheduling and carry on as planned.  Meaning that I’ll be flying to New York on Sunday. What’s VOX?  It’s … Continue reading