We Are The Asteroid

Remember the theory? That an asteroid crashed into our planet and the global ice age that followed “extincted” the dinosaurs? Well, check out a 5-minute video entitled, “Extinction: The Facts.” It’s narrated primarily by David Attenborough, and it’s not only timely—it’s stunning in its implications for the extinction of US.

Yes, of course, the video covers the whole laundry list of the how we’re destroying Planet Earth:
(1) Overfishing.
(2) Too many people.
(3) Pollution.
(4) Destruction of natural habitats.
(5) Climate change.

The list goes on, but it’s clear that we—Homo Sapiens—are the bottom-line cause of this global crisis. We, in other words, are our planet’s most invasive species.

Attenborough is no pessimist. He believes there’s hope . . . but not for long

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