Celebrating the Older Woman

If you haven’t already heard, MAGS at THE GENIUS HOUSE is available at Amazon in e-book format and will be available in paper on October 2nd. This is the first novel in a five-book series called “The Mags Chronicles,” and in this blog-post I’m announcing a major theme of the series: CELEBRATING THE OLDER WOMAN.

You may already know that the narrative voice in all my fiction is a first-person character called Mags. She’s outspoken and feisty, and she’s accumulated a lot of living in her decades of life. (No, I don’t tell you her age, but you get the idea that she’s tucked a few years tucked under her belt.)

Mags is a writer who can’t resist a dare, even if it takes her into mysterious and untested waters. Not to mention weird. Mags’s two companions-in-crime are Sterling and Kells. Sterling is young and beautiful, tormented by the certainty that she was stolen from her real parents. And Kells? Well, suffice it to say that (spoiler alert!) Kells is not exactly human.


S. O’Duinn Magee, aka “Mags”

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  1. Shannon Lynch says:

    This sounds wonderful. I am excited to read it.

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