So you’ve heard about the Big Ass Fan Company, right?

It’s true.  Big Ass Fans is based in Kentucky and the company’s known all over the world.  Here’s their logo: I think they call her “Fanny.”

So anyway, about the mess in New York City and elsewhere, I can’t help thinking to myself, “Yep, we are surely in the path of a Big Ass Fan.”

My friends Melz and Booker had to bail out of their New York weekends: Melz, from the Marathon and Booker, from the VOX 2012 “opera night” performance.  I’m hoping that Doc and Amber won’t have to bail, too.

Christopher’s already in NYC, though, and I’ll fly there tomorrow with Murphy.  Not sure yet what I’m packing other than waterproof boots EXCEPT that I’ll be taking my new business cards.  Melz designed them and they’re really cool.  When I see you, remind me to give you one.



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