Rest in Power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

In celebrating the amazing life of RBG, it has been often commented on how unlikely it is that a woman in her 80’s became a super-star, admired by so many across gender and age and circumstance. Regarding the necessity of gender equality, these RBG statements say it all—

• On the equality side of it, it is essential to a woman’s equality with man that she be the decision-maker, that her choice be controlling.
• The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality.

Timing in life is everything. Thus, it seems almost coincidental to me that in my just-published novel, MAGS at THE GENIUS HOUSE, I created a female quest-hero. A woman warrior? Sort of, but not exactly. More like an RBG: smart, independent, quietly determined to tackle any challenge.

Further, Mags is an older woman who’s always had a grand passion. No, she never found a Martin Ginsburg, unfortunately. Instead, my quest-hero’s passion is for books and the stories they contain. In fact she relishes books—as J.R.R. Tolkien would say— with “a profound desire.”

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