The Talisman Janeway Mysteries

Chairperson: The Adventures of Talisman Janeway

a sci fi / mystery series

Series Premise

Mags’ longtime friend Talisman Janeway, a professor at Charlton College in DeLand, is reputed to possess psychic powers.  Talisman denies this but local folks believe otherwise because of her uncanny successes while assisting law enforcement with their most difficult cases.  When murder and mayhem rear their chaotic heads and Talisman gets called in to help, Mags can’t resist the opportunity to shadow Talisman and chronicle her adventures.

Book I

The Parrot in the Palimpsest

Talisman Janeway, who assists local law enforcement solve difficult cases, has a reputation for being psychic.  She claims she’s not psychic, that she simply combines intuition and keen observation, and that in addition she depends upon on the kindness of friends:

her student assistant Casey and his homebuilt holobot Koobey;

her former student Slim, now a deputy sheriff;

and Leon Perez, FDLE Director and also a former student.

During a Renaissance festival called “Twelfth Night” in DeLand, a local celebrity-professor is brutally murdered by a killer who exacts a bizarrely Shakespearean form of vengeance.  Shortly thereafter this formerly quiet community erupts in a flurry of criminal activity that includes more baffling Shakespearean-style deaths.

While local and state officials struggle in the glare of unwanted international publicity, Mags tags along while Talisman uncovers twists and turns that lead far afield before doubling back and landing on her own doorstep.